Marnie Cranwell McKnight


Internationally collected artist Marnie McKnight turned her hobby into a career in 2016 to immediate success. She is primarily known as an abstract expressionist painter working with acrylics and oils, but often releases capsule collections exploring other styles and mediums. 

A finalist in the SBS Landscape Prize, the Online Portrait Prize and the Bluethumb Art Prize multiple times, her work has featured in several magazines and exhibitions, including a sell out stand at The Affordable Art Fair in Melbourne 2019 and was top seller at St Thomas’ Art Fair 2019. She is consistently one of Bluethumb’s top sellers.

Her work can be seen in private and corporate collections in over twenty five countries.

“I love the freedom abstract painting gives me. 

My abstracts are primarily created with acrylics on canvas where I embrace strong brush stokes, soft blending and the accidental dripping of paint to create a story that evokes emotion.

My oil paintings are usually created with a memory and an emotion and with these as references, I let the colour palette and light guide my hand to the finish.“

All of Marnie’s art is original. She does not reproduce or print artwork, but creates them layer upon layer so each piece is truly unique.

Check out Marnie’s abstract process and learn a little more about me in the new season of ‘Colour In Your Life’ now available via YouTube



Marnie McKnight

email: marniemcknightart@gmail.com

instagram: @marniemcknightart

tiktok: marniemcknight.artist