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Painting has always been a part of my life and as a teenager, I sold miniature watercolours in a local cafe.

I have also always peppered my own walls with an ever-changing range of artworks (both mine and others), but aside from the odd dabbling, spent the last few years in other creative pursuits including my furniture design business, Milkcart.

Now, with a redistribution of my time, I have decided to return to painting, with great response.

My work can now be seen in private collections and corporate offices in Sydney, London, New York, Dublin, Toronto and Hong Kong to name a few.



I love the freedom abstract painting gives me. 

It is often hard to tell when I am finished with a piece, and will usually leave them for while, only to return weeks later immediately able to identify the final touch.

Working primarily with acrylics on canvas, I embrace the messy brush stokes, the accidental spray of paint, the texture of painting over of mistakes and using them to create a story that evokes emotion.

All of my art is original.

I do not reproduce or print my items, but create them layer upon layer so each one is truly unique.



Marnie McKnight