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What people are saying...

"I just wanted to say a huge thanks. My paintings have arrived and I love, love them. The most beautiful colours and so restful in a bedroom" - Kellie, Hamilton, New Zealand

"I purchased a large beautiful artwork by you a couple of weeks ago from Westerley in Launceston…I just love it! I even had to take down my wedding photo to hang it on the wall" - Debbie, Tasmania, Australia

"Thank you so much for your gorgeous paintings, I absolutely love them, they are even more stunning in real life!" - Louisa, Victoria, Australia

"I love it!!" - Berthy, The Netherlands

"She has literally text me five times to tell me she loves them" - Kaz, Victoria, Australia

"We absolutely LOVE our new artwork, it is so beautiful and fits our space perfectly. Could stare at it forever! Many many thanks, you are a gifted lady" - Ingrid, Sydney, Australia

"Just to let you know the paintings have arrived and they are gorgeous! Love them to bits" - Amanda, Huddersfield, UK

"Your artwork is just divine, LOVE" - Gina, Canberra, Australia

"Just received my beautiful artwork. Compliments my vintage art pieces and Danish furniture"  - Julianne, Western Australia

"My painting has arrived and it's fabulous! Have just brought it off to a framer to get it ready to hang!!! Love it!" - Jo, Reading, UK

"Feeling very honoured to have an original Marnie McKnight on my wall…check out this very talented Australian artist." - Carolyn, Brisbane, Australia

"They are STUNNING Marnie!" - Sarah, Western Australia

"Love love them! Thank you!" - Anna, Sydney, Australia

"Fits in perfectly with our surroundings and complements our art collection beautifully. Thank you so much." - Ben, Dublin, Ireland

"I squealed with delight when I came home on Friday to see it there. Its stunning! I'm so happy! Thanks you so much. One very happy purchaser!!!! " - Carlie, Sydney, Australia

"'Heart of Glass' has just arrived and hung among some awesome company…directly inside our front door so it'll be the first thing people see including my clients…I love it! Suits our home perfectly. Thanks again." - Natasha, Melbourne, Australia

"Just bought two of your pieces - love them… I searched ages for art and kept coming back to your gorgeous work" - Name withheld, Sydney

"Love it thank you. I had a small spot that needed something and it's just perfect! Would love to get a bigger piece of yours too - am keeping an eye on your online shop!" - Nicole, Melbourne, Australia

"I just want to say thank you for everything you've done and to show you how beautiful your work looks in my living room. It's now the favourite thing in my flat." - Damian, Sydney, Australia

"Marnie McKnight painted us an artwork that I've always wanted as a wedding present... My absolutely favourite forever piece, happier than a kid with chocolate cake!!! ... We will treasure it forever." - Crystal, Sydney, Australia

"I love love love it!!!!! Not only is she just just so bloody talented she's a sweetheart too, this gorgeous piece titled Railway Skies was painted, framed and delivered within a week! That's what I call great service." - Shellie, Hunter Valley, Australia

 "Thanks Marnie, I love my painting" - Lisa, Dublin, Ireland

"Absolutely LOVE our new piece…finally feels like a home" - Lauren, Sydney, Australia

"Your picture looks great" - Ross, Brooklyn, USA

"Thank you for the beautiful piece "Wild One" my husband and I love it" - Nikky, Sydney, Australia

"Works by Marnie McKnight taking centre stage in our kitchen…not a day goes by where I don't love gazing at them" - Sarah Anne, Melbourne, Australia

"This gem matches our home perfectly, seriously impressed!" - Name withheld, Melbourne, Australia

"I absolutely LOVE it!!! My only regret is that I didn't find your work until recently" - Sara, Australia

" painting just arrived!! Thanks you so much Marnie" - Sarah, Sydney, Australia

"It arrived! I LOVE it. The textures and layers are just beautiful. There is so much depth and detail to it. Thank you so much." - Marika, Melbourne, Australia

"Your work is amazing!!" - Name withheld, Sydney, Australia

"Just received my artwork and thank you so much it's amazing!!! The frame is even more gorgeous than in photos… thank you so very much, I'm thrilled with it" - Lara, Sydney, Australia

"The paintings are absolutely beautiful - thank you so much, cannot wait to display them!" - Stephanie, Melbourne, Australia

"Love it!! Thank you so much" - Tammy, Sydney, Australia

"So happy to have finally found the perfect artwork for my home!" - Grace, Sydney, Australia

"Thanks for the fabulous painting. As you can see it has found its home." - Lisa, Griffith, Australia

"I love, love, love the painting!!" - Emma, Sydney, Australia

"The colours all blend in beautifully with the room, I'm absolutely in love with it!" - Tiffany, Sydney, Australia

"The painting arrived last week and it's so beautiful!" - Nikki, Dublin, Ireland