Art Rental Service

Available for short or long term arrangements, art rental is an easy way in which to experience art in your home or office without committing to owning an artwork with the bonus option to buy at the end of the contract, with all art rental money paid credited towards the purchase. 


Original art in your property listing will enhance the presentation and intrigue buyers. Priced from $250, our most popular package is for a six week styling period which is just perfect for when you are selling your home. 

All rooms and spaces vary in size and we can coordinate with you to tailor a specific package to your needs. We have artworks in a variety of sizes ready to rent immediately.




Change your artwork as often as you like to fill an office wall or create a company vibe for a fraction of the usual cost, bearing in mind that art rental is 100% tax deductible for Australian businesses.


  • Email for the link to our Private Viewing Room to choose artworks that suit your space. Think about the sizes and orientations that will work best and let us know which artworks you would like to hire.
  • Or you can send photos of your space, descriptions of colour schemes and floor plans and we can make recommendations for you.
  • As soon your artwork is selected, we will send you a quotation and agreement which explains all the details of your rental.
  • Once the agreement is signed, we will request payment and then dispatch the artworks.
  • We’ll arrange delivery details with you and package the artwork up ready to deliver. (The artwork is packaged in a reusable box - so please hang onto this so you can send the art back to us at the end of the rental period. And please note, all artworks come ready to hang with hanging wire attached at the back.)

With packages starting at just $250, the standard payments are as follows:

  • Short Term Rental: Full payment of the agreed rental term + delivery fee
  • Medium Term Rental: Payment of the first month of the agreed rental term + delivery fee
  • Long Term Rental: Payment of the first 2 months of the agreed rental term + delivery fee



Select New Art: You can choose a selection of alternate artworks to lease from our Private Viewing Room. We will arrange collection of our existing artworks and prepare the new artworks to be delivered to you.


Buy the artworkIf you love it, why not keep it? Ask us for a quote and the artwork can be yours to keep. All art rental money paid to date is credited to the purchase of the artwork. 


End the Agreement: We'll be in touch to arrange the collection of the artwork from your home. You just need to repackage it in the reusable box that we originally used to send the art to you


Whether it is for one day or an entire year, art leasing is a great way to create beautiful, interesting spaces at a flexible and cost effective way.


Check out this listing which features five artworks from our Property Styling Package

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