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Original art by Marnie McKnight 

McKnight’s 2024 series entitled ‘Light Reading’ is inspired by her very real love of books, inviting viewers into a tranquil space where boundaries between the world of art and literature blur seamlessly.

There is a timeless elegance to each piece, with subtle hints of vintage fashion adding nostalgia to the scene, or a classic renaissance pose being referenced. Some artworks have complex textures on the clothing or walls, the complicated patterns echoing the intricate layers of the story the reader holds.

The Light Reading Collection is a celebration of the transformative power and profound connection of art and literature. It invites viewers to pause, reflect, and immerse themselves in the beauty of storytelling by brush and pen—timeless art forms that continue to enrich our lives with endless possibilities.

Acrylics on canvas

36cm x 36cm (14” x 14”)

Framed in white

Signed and dated


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All artworks are the copyright of Marnie McKnight Art.

No work may be copied, reproduced, modified, scanned or commercially exploited without the express written consent of Marnie McKnight


Acrylics and gold leaf on canvas, framed in raw Tassie Oak

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